Salisbury History Title

Meetings start at 7 pm Wednesdays and are held at the Salisbury Historical Society Folk Museum 
(Heritage Centre) with supper to follow.

February 11th.  Saturday 9 am.  All hands please - clean up day at the museum
March 8th.
 Wednesday 7 pm.  Guest Speaker: BRIAN THOM
Subject: 177 years of Gawler History 
April 23rd.  Sunday 12 noon  Picnic on the lawns.
BBQ hotplate available. Share salads etc. BYO Drinks
May 14th.  Sunday 1.30 pm HISTORY MONTH
Salisbury walk
June 20th. Tuesday 10 am (day mtg.)  Dr. BRETT GOODEN
 History of Spacesuits Fact and Fiction
August 16th.  Wednesday 7 pm  Guest Speaker: BOB MAYNARD
ABC History and FM radio
October 18th.  Wednesday 7 pm  AGM
 Show and Tell
December 3rd  Sunday 12 noon.  Christmas Lunch (venue details to follow)

Committee meetings Wednesdays 7 pm at the museum - Members welcome.
Feb. 8th,  April 12th,  June 14th,  August 9th,  Oct 11th &  Nov 8th.