Salisbury Historical Society Title

Police Station now Salisbury Historical Society Museum

The society was formed to promote the discussion and the study of South Australia and Australian history, in particular the history of the District of Salisbury and to promote the collection, recording and classification of works, source material and artefacts of all kinds relating to the history of the District of Salisbury, and to facilitate access to the collection by all sections of the community in Salisbury.


Opening Hours 




 Saturday 11th Clean up Clean up Busy Bee
 Sunday 19th 2-4pm 2-4pm 
 Sunday 5th 2-4pm 2-4pm 
 Sunday 19th  2-4pm 
 Sunday 2nd 2-4pm 2-4pm 
 Sunday 9th  2-4pm 
 Sunday 7th 2-4pm 2-4pm 
 Sunday 14th History Month History Month History Walk
 Sunday 4th 2-4pm 2-4pm 
 Sunday 18th  2-4pm 
 Sunday 2nd  2-4pm  2-4pm 
 Sunday 16th   2-4pm 
 Sunday 6th 2-4pm 2-4pm 
 Sunday 20th  2-4pm 
 Sunday 3rd 2-4pm 2-4pm 
 Sunday 17th  2-4pm 
 Sunday 22nd 2-4pm 2-4pm 
 Sunday 5th 2-4pm 2-4pm 
 Sunday 19th  2-4pm 


The Museum and WaterWheel visits can be arranged at other times

Please contact the President on 0408086545

     Groups (6+) by appointment

School groups always welcome.
Phone President (D. Brown) 0408086545
Google ""

The Salisbury History Museum is closed mid December to February or if the temperature goes over 35C.

There is no charge, however a donation would be helpful.

May 3 and 17 - open 1.00pm, Town Walk at 2.00pm from Museum.
$5.00 Adults (includes afternoon tea).

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